Divi menu disappeared

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Divi menu disappeared

Recently, one of our users reported that they are missing the admin bar on their WordPress site, and asked for our help. The admin bar is a floating bar that appears on every page of your site when you are logged in. It contains some useful shortcuts to different sections of the WordPress admin area. In this article, we will show you how to fix the missing admin bar issue in WordPress. Usually this happens when a plugin or an active theme is not allowing WordPress to properly execute the code in the footer area of your website.

divi menu disappeared

When a theme is missing this code, or a plugin does something that messes it up, then you will end up with a missing WordPress admin bar issue. Before you do anything to fix it, make sure you create complete WordPress backup or at least backup your theme files. You would need to locate the footer. If you do not have this line, then you need to add it and then upload the changed file back to your server.

If you are using a child theme and your child theme does not have a footer. Temporarily switch back to a default theme. In this case, you need to switch to a default theme to make sure that your current theme is not causing this issue.

A poorly coded plugin can cause this error as well, so to check if a plugin has caused this issue, you need to deactivate all plugins on your WordPress site. If this resolves your problem, then this means that there was a plugin that caused this issue. Now you need to figure out which plugin caused this issue. You can do this by reactivating your plugins one by one until you find the plugin that caused the issue.

Lastly, you can turn the debugging on by opening wp-config. WordPress will now show you warnings and notices that were previously hidden. These warnings and notices can hint towards the file causing this issue. You may also want to check out our guide What everybody ought to know about the WordPress admin bar. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

Trusted by over 1. Glad our recommendation was helpful. Thanks for sharing what solved the issue for you. I tried all the fixes posted here and discovered that my change of the web page URL in setting to take advantage of my ISP provided security certificate, making the address a https versus http caused this issue. This has been a big challenge to resolve. Hoping my ISP can advise why this could be. You may want to also check with your hosting provider to ensure the SSL certificate was added correctly.

That allows me to see the edit bar and also see changes I make real time. Cloudflare turns itself back on after 3hrs so no need to worry.

Divi main menu has disappeared

W3 Total needs to be turned back on tho… Preview mode: under General settings. The best solution that worked for me is creating a new user and if the issue repeats, then clear cache.

Perfect Solution. I have tried all of these. Admin bar still not showing. I login and I go straight back to logged out. Thanks guys.I have an ocean theme wp ——theamericanquarterhorse. Finally I found one that worked the way I wanted.

I figured there probably was a conflict, so deactivated the plugin. I reactivated the plugin and it turned back to black to match the rest of the header like I had it set before, but no menu. So I re-deactivated it, and deleted the plugin hoping my main menu would return.

I asked for support help, and someone noticed that the mobile menu—which had never been there before—was in the right hand corner.

I admit I am a newbie, but this is really frustrating, would appreciate any advice. The page I need help with: [ log in to see the link]. I see your menu now, you have the minimal header style.

Somehow it would appear the plugin scrambled something in there, not sure what. Hi, it is because you have too many menu items n your menu, remove at least three menu items, and your header will look good. After a restore everything is there and looks fine so far. Is there a certain number in the menu in ocean cannot handle??

Hi, it is not an OceanWP issue, you will have this problem with all themes, if you add too many menu items to your menu, the entire navigation will go under the logo.

How to Make Any Divi Page Element Sticky

Skip to content WordPress. Skip to content. Resolved nitehawk nitehawk 1 year, 12 months ago. Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 of 9 total. Theme Author oceanwp oceanwp 1 year, 12 months ago.

The Divi Builder Disappeared

Theme Author oceanwp oceanwp 1 year, 11 months ago. In: Themes and Templates 9 replies 2 participants Last reply from: oceanwp Last activity: 1 year, 11 months ago Status: resolved.Note: If you are having problems after updating to WordPress 5.

divi menu disappeared

You can learn how to update Divi here. You can also learn how to enable the Classic Divi Backend Builder here. So simply checking that could save you from troubleshooting forward for something that works. In that case, inspecting the page where is absent by clicking F12 in the Chrome browser, will help you to get an idea about this.

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Usually a plugin conflict looks like this:. If The Divi Builder is present after doing that, it means a plugin is conflicting and you can activate them one by one, refreshing the page after each activation to see which one is the culprit.

With over It can happen when, just like a plugin may be conflicting, a child theme could prevent it from showing up. So simply switching to the parent theme will show you if that's the case. If a child theme is conflicting, you need either to troubleshoot it by checking the codes from it, either contact its developer. So simply activate it to use it:. This case resembles with the one when a plugin is conflicting and you can inspect that page too and check for the status codes errors in the console.

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If the errors are coming from the 5xx Server errors, it means something on the server is preventing the builder to load and the hosting company should be able to check the server logs and fix that. There is a situation in which some people asked for help because The Divi Builder is missing, but in fact it was just collapsed, so make sure you check that too. This is how you collapse and expand it:.

All Collections. FAQ's and Troubleshooting. Written by Marius Updated over a week ago. Did this answer your question?I love me some Divi. And in many ways Divi is perfect for building native landing pages, opt-in pages, and sales pages that are on brand.

But… The menus are always there, and menus are a problem on landing pages. They should get to opt -in or leave. No matter how beautifully you design the page to fit in the viewport, someone, somewhere, will have to scroll.

You can use the Blank Page template under the page settings, but this removes the footer as well, which you may still need for things like your copyright, privacy policy, and terms of service links. With this bit of code you can hide the menus on only the page you use this code on. Before using this code: Note the menus. After using this code. No menus! Navigate to the page you want to hide menus on inside your WordPress website.

In the Divi builder click the hamburger icon on the purple toolbar. If you want to hide the footer, you can use the Blank Page template, or use this code. To hide the footer use:. Beware, however, this will remove your footer credits, your copyright info, and links to your privacy policy and terms of service. Is it possible? This is fantastic, but still leave the primary navigation in the footer…. Added the page for you to see.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Now I do not have to go to leadpages to create a menu-less page!!! This totally saves money. With just a little tweaking, Divi can create landing pages, no landing page platforms needed. What Im currently trying to figure out is how to keep the secondary menu bar phone number and email and not have the primary menu bar.

Might play with your code to figure it out. Sometimes it still leaves the secondary menu or the footer. Thanks for this — now I am guessing I can use this as a template to suppress the footer too! Thank you! Nice, thanks.This plugin allows you to create mega menus, tabs menus, and carrousel menus in a simple and native way converting your existing menu into a powerful tool. In WordPress, and especially in the Divi theme of Elegant Themes, the possibilities are almost endless.

The header, that important element of any website, can be decisive for a user to stay on the website or decide to ignore it. Fortunately, the Divi header is highly customizable and gives you the possibility to change it, design and make the best user experience. In addition, the versatility to play with the logo layout and menu items are also advantages that you get when you install Divi. To apply them, we must have at least version 2. In this type of Divi header, the menu is static when you scroll down, that is, the menu and the logo will always be visible even if we scroll through the page.

The advantage of this type of Divi header is that the user always has the navigation menu available. The disadvantage is that it occupies space on the screen and therefore decreases the view of the content that the user wants to see on the web.

divi menu disappeared

In fact, Divi allows us to even remove the logo when it is scrolled and thus enlarge the space of vision of the web. In this type of menu when the user scrolls over any of the pages of the website, the menu disappears from the view of it. To access the menu it will be necessary to scroll again, but this time upwards.

If you want to put a logo of large dimensions in the Divi header of your website, you must first examine the possible dimensions to adapt the image you are going to upload. To increase the margin between the logo and the menu items, we will have to reduce the size of the logo. But surely you will ask yourself: What if I want this style, but I do not want it to occupy too much height? This type of header is configured by default in Divi: the logo is on the left and the menu items are shown on the right.

This header design can be float or not float at the beginning we explain how to configure it. If you are not starting from scratch and you want to have this type of header, we will follow these steps:. If you want the centered logo, in medium dimensions and in line with the menu with elements on the left and right, follow these steps:. If your chosen menu style as Sticky, you can make that centered logo disappear by scrolling down.

Now that you have created a customized your Divi header layout, the next thing you should do is to personalize the menu.You most likely are well aware that Divi has a fixed navigation menu for desktop. And you also probably know that Divi does not have a fixed menu for tablet and mobile. Personally, I think Divi should have a fixed nav menu for mobile by default as well.

Let me make my case. So the whole point of a fixed menu on desktop is for the convenience of the user to be able to easily access the menu items without having to scroll back up to the top of the page, right? And actually, the user does a lot more scrolling on mobile, so therefore there should be even more of a reason to have a fixed mobile menu on your Divi website.

Did I convince you? Subscribe to get the free plugin sent to you right away! Now, if you just add that code above to your website, then likely to work just fine. However, if you have a lot of pages or subpages in your menu, then it can get a bit wonky. What happens is when the menu is fixed it stays at the top duh! But when you have a lot of pages, and you open up the mobile menu, then a lot of your pages can get cute off below the fold of the website. This is obviously a problem if you have a decent amount of pages in your menu.

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So I have additional CSS snippet that will fix this problem for us. What it does is it allows the mobile menu area to be able to scroll inside, giving you access to all the menu items even if they extend below the fold. Pretty cool right? And incredible important if you have a Divi website with a decent amount of pages. Hi Steve, great point! Thanks for the suggestion. I just created a simple plugin version of the tutorial that adds the CSS for you.

Hi Can you help me please im a newbie and ive installed the plugin which works great in mobile view on a desktop but doesnt on the actual mobile??? Thanksand I agree its defo needed on phones! I checked the URL that you submitted with your comment, and the fixed mobile menu is definitely working on my iPhone 7 Plus.

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When you checked it initially, it could have been a caching issue. Have you checked it again recently on your mobile device? Hi Tim Slightly different subject, sorry im new to all this, im trying to install gt translate in divi and show just the flags in the header is this possible?Recently, we were working in Divi theme and we have a long menu.

It looks fine on desktop but on mobile it covers up lots of space. So, the best solution was to collapse sub-menu links and show them on click. We found couple of tutorials online but they do not provide solution to keep parent menu clickable while our requirement was to keep parent menu item clickable.

So, by doing some coding we were finally able to achieve this. First, you will have to add this css below, it will hide sub-menu items on mobile. Next we need to set position relative and background transparent for parent menu item that have sub menu. Here is jquery code that will include span tag for each parent menu item that has sub-menu items. He is a web developer and designer with over 3 years of experience. His mission is to provide best web services and useful tools to everyone round the globe.

Great tutorial: How do I make the parent menu items active links and still maintain the ability to collapse and open child menu items? This is awesome, thanks for sharing the code! What if you only want one child menu open at a time? Hi there. Any help? That worked! Thanks so much for the help. This menu was really bothering me. It finally looks awesome. Thanks for sharing such a good idea, paragraph is pleasant, thats why i have read iit fully.

How to hide the menu bars on a single page in Divi

You may need to clear cache to see css changes after any css code. Hi, Please provide more explanation and screenshot. Copy and paste exactly the given code. Works in Firefox, but not in Safari or Chrome.

Does not work on iPhone. On smaller laptop screens we see the hamburger appear. Because the dropdown navigation menu is so long, we need to eliminate the sub menus. I had hoped this would do it. But only in Firefox.


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